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Thursday, May 03, 2012

It's hard to photograph condensation..

We had a science lab today from our Moving Beyond the Page curriculum, currently we are studying the Water Cycle in depth. So today we made water out of thin air and a candle! 

You will need:

 1 votive or tea light candle

 1 empty glass jar

How you do it:

 1. Light the candle and get it burning well

 2. Place jar over candle. Our jar was a little too small, so it kept snuffing out the candle. What I found to work well was to hold the jar slightly above the countertop, so that air can get in and keep the candle burning. 

3. Watch for signs of condensation inside the jar. Took a few minutes for us to really "see" anything, but it was obvious that moisture was gathering, because the inside of the jar was humid. My apologies for the bad picture (and the worst nail polish!!) but as I said, it's hard to photograph condensation :P 

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