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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One of the best parts

Of homeschooling is getting to do stuff with your kids.. Like today, we dissected an owl pellet and tried to guess what it had eaten :)


Night Owl Mom said...

Fun! Gross but fun. LOL We've done those twice and it was interesting both times. We found some bone guides online that helped us determine more what they were.

Melanie said...

We will be doing this next year. Do y'all use moving beyond the page?

Beckie Tetrault said...

Night Owl Mom, I am blessed to have REALLY smart friends on Facebook, who identified it as a rodent, most likely a mouse, based on a picture I posted of the remains.

Melanie, Yes, we are using Moving Beyond the Page! DD is reading Poppy right now ;) Hopefully we will be able to continue it next year, it has been SUCH fun!