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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Half year homeschool check in..

Well, we are half way though the year, and it's time to see how we are doing. 

Both kids did awesomely on their math benchmark tests, and both could use a little work on their Language Arts benchmarks. We are still using the curriculum mentioned in my beginning of the year post, and it's all still working really well! 

We have implemented a new reward system, Warm Fuzzies. I have a bank of little sparkly pom-poms, which I dole out at random times to reward good behaviors. Asking for a Fuzzie will get one taken away, leaving your Fuzzies out will get them returned to the bank, fighting, tantrums and other undesirable behaviors will get Fuzzies taken away. On Friday, they can turn their Fuzzies in for a quarter each. They have the option to take the $$ or to bank it for the next week to save for something bigger. So far, it's working quite well. 

Also, we have made the decision to move the children to a new charter school next school year. Central Valley Homeschool was good to us, but Jack has more needs then they can handle. So, we are moving to Eleanor Roosevelt Community Learning Center in Visalia, CA. Hopefully (fingers, toes and eyes crossed) they will have a center here in Fresno by next year :)

Danielle is working on preparing for STAR testing later this spring. It's making me wanna tear my hair out, but it's sadly a fact of life. 

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