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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Why my blog will be dark tomorrow..

I along with many other websites (such as Wikipedia, Reddit, ICanHazCheeseburger Network and others) and hopefully many of my fellow bloggers will be going dark tomorrow to protest the anti-piracy bill known as SOPA (Stop Piracy Online Act). The point of SOPA was to target overseas sites that allow people to illegally download content, such as movies and music. While we are all in theory against internet piracy, this bill would not hold the overseas sites accountable, but rather turn the blame and the punishment on to sites that allow those sites in their search results (such as Google) or YouTube for hosting a video where a copyrighted song is playing in the background of a video of a cat sneezing. Punishment for such infringement? Your site goes dark. It's all the wrong way to go about it, and worse, it could be used in ways it was not originally intended to increase internet censorship. 

Free speech is our given right, and allowing our government officials, who quite possibly know less about how the internet works then my mom does, to make wide sweeping laws about it's use and available is one way to give our own access to free speech away.  Join with me, and make your voice heard, say FUCK NO to SOPA!! 

Feel free to click the little black ribbon in the upper right hand corner of this page to send a message to your representatives. 

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Tiffiny said...

Thanks for explaining this! I saw it on Wiki yesterday but didn't know what it meant. You're always educating me friend! :)