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Monday, April 04, 2011

Long car drives with out XM Radio

Recently I was forced to turn off our much loved XM Radio subscription in an attempt to cut back on our expenses. While the kids and I did enjoy it, we really only used it in the van and it became more expensive then it was worth.

But then came the problem of what to listen to. Fresno radio stations are not what I would call kids friendly and none actually play enough of the music I like to make them worth listening to. I have lots of music loaded on my iPhone but again my music choices are not kid friendly and I really hate it when one of the kids ask me what a song is about lol..

Then my friend Tina mentioned she was listening to audiobooks! I listen to audiobooks every night when I go to bed, but I didn't think Stephen King's new novel was appropriate family listening.

Audible Kids to the rescue! I downloaded the first 4 Magic Tree House books as read by the author. The kids really like listening to the stories and it's less obnoxious then listening to Playhouse Disney music all the way to Kingsburg and back, so it's a win-win for all of us! Plus Magic Tree House books are a great source of interesting facts. It's not Einstein and the stories follow a predictable formula, but its good fun.

I am now looking for more non-fiction that is geared for kids. They have enjoyed listening to some of the more fun episodes of Freakanomics (once they stop giggling over the titles) and I hope to find some
Science or History titles that will keep them interested.

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I was not compensated for this post, it's just my opinions and I wanted to share what works for our family ;)

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