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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Can I just say..

How happy I am that "Green Toddler Poop" has dropped out of the top 10 referring search terms for my blog??

Top Referring Searches (max 25 shown)
real science odyssey reviews (5 times)
duran duran unstaged setlist (2 times)
duran duran unstaged set list (2 times)
duran unstaged set list (2 times)
my best fish friend (1 time)
flying squirrel rainforest (1 time)
dealing with grandparents who don't listen (1 time)
real science odyssey curriculum reviews (1 time)
clever kingdom (1 time)
Totbook (1 time)
sweepstakes addiction (1 time)
green poop with toddler (1 time)
duran unstaged dvd (1 time)
twitter spookie beckie (1 time)
real science odyssey review (1 time)
"duran duran unstaged setlist" (1 time)

Actually pretty jazzed that Duran Duran has taken over so many of the top spots. Maybe I should blog about them more often?

1 comment:

Tiffiny said...

That makes me laugh. I can't believe it was still there!