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Friday, August 13, 2010

It's just about that time again!

Where the heck did summer go?? It flew by and we're already gearing up to start 3rd grade on Monday and Jack-Jack returns to PUPS at Fresno State on the 30th..

We drove down to Central Valley Homeschool on Wednesday, and picked up Danielle's new curriculum :)

We are using a combination of Moving Beyond the Page, California State Standard Math, and REAL Science Odyssey Life. Also we are going to be using Growing with Grammar, 3rd grade and Usborne Art Treasury for some art history and practice.

I pulled everything out of the cabinet and reorganized it all. I have a huge stack of books to give away, as we have never use them and hopefully someone else can. When I was done, we were set for school to start :)

Now I just have to attack the art supplies, pick up a few school supplies and figure out our new schedule now that we are going to be at the university 3 mornings a week...

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