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Monday, August 16, 2010

First day of school :)

We started back to "school" today. 3rd grade for Danielle and Preschool for Jack. Though Jack will be starting back as PUPS at the university later this month, I thought a bit of structure would be good for him.

Here they are enjoying their new books and our huge table :)

Danielle working on her spelling journal.

Jack showing off his neighborhood words.

On the whole the day went smoothly, Jack was not much interested after he finished his word wall, and spent a while looking for the words in his little book. Danielle did quite well, aside from a bit of frustration with the new curriculum.

Let's hope tomorrow goes as well as today :)

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Spooky said...

Yay!!! :)

Spooky said...

Okay, that comment was lame. Allow me to elaborate. :)

I love the look on Jack's face. So cute! And are you going to do cursive with Danielle this year? Seren's teacher said this is the year when they are *suppose* to learn cursive. Really, I don't remember it being that early. Then again, I forget things easily now a days. Oh lord, does this mean I'm getting old?