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Thursday, October 15, 2009

On the 14th day of October..

I did the scariest thing so far!

I visited (dum dum dummmmmm) an emergency room!! Yes, I dared to venture into the terrifying area of life known as health care....

I had a migraine from hell, along with vomiting that would make Linda Blair sit up and take note. After valiantly trying to fight it myself using lots of rest and ice packs, I gave up and let Angela drive me to the emergency room :(

Where I was treated to such horrors as PAPERWORK! BRIGHTLY LIT WAITING ROOMS SMELLING OF DISINFECTANT! REPEATEDLY BEING STUCK WITH NEEDLES! BLOOD DRIPPING DOWN MY ARMS!! and the most horrible of all, THE BILL (insert blood curdling scream here!)

Thankfully I have insurance, so I was only required to pay my part, the co-pay + 20%. But honestly, that was more then I had in my account, and now today after the ordeal is supposed to be over, and I am the lone survivor of the terrors walking into the sunlight to find a new day, I am not left with a sense of satisfaction of another terror survived. Instead I am faced with the harsh reality that last nights trip to hell cost my family grocery money for the week. If I had not had insurance, I am sure it would have cost us groceries, gas and possibly the rent for the month too!

(here's where I get political, another horror movie in and of is self, and mention the President's Health Care Reform..)

As I am sure most people who know me already know, I support our President full heartedly. And not on any issue more so then on health care. Sure, I am one of those lucky Americans that have health care already, and as I know, I am even more lucky that not only do I have GOOD insurance, but it's affordable for us to cover our whole family. My children have never been with out insurance, thank the Goddess. Just because I am covered, doesn't mean I don't support health care reform. Because for most of my adult life, I haven't been covered, or I have had coverage that was so bad, I might as well not been covered. And I can look at my friends and their families struggling to keep themselves insured or to pay medical bills because they have no insurance at all. It's easy for people with health insurance to worry about what will happen to them if health care reform becomes a reality. I worry, believe me, I want to keep my Dr's, the kids Dr's, and all, and the wait at most of them is already unbearable. In reality though, it's more important to me that EVERY one is covered, even if I means that things won't stay as nice and tidy for our health care as it is now. But at the same time, I don't really know that my health care will be effected as I have heard. Lots, and lots of information out there is faulty at best, and from questionable sources. So for now, I will get my information from the official source, http://www.healthreform.gov/ knowing that they too have an agenda, but theirs is more in line with my own.

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