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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

On the 13th day of October..

I baked Apple Crumble, sort of based on this recipe Cinnamon Apple Crumble but as the slacker I am, I forgot to take any pictures. Could have to do with the fact that I was doing laundry and dishes and everything all at the same time, LOL!

The children really enjoyed the crumble topped with vanilla yogurt for dessert! And now, I have a date under a quilt with "Mostly Ghostly" and my kids!

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Danae @ Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Congrats on winning todys giveaway from Mrs. B's! Woohoo! Free Halloween Treats in your mailbox!

(I just got mine delivered today (from last week's giveaway) and my daughter and I had a ball oohing and aahing over her Witchy Goodness!)

I loved your little Halloween rant- I still have to go ceck out that 'chick tract'- (I didn't know what that is!) Samhain God??? Are they for real? Is that lie the Wicker Man? Or the Autumn vesrion of the Green Man?- Cause then I guess they mgiht be a little closer. LOL.

Anyways Love... Keep enjoyin' your Halloween/Samhain Seson- and we will be doin the same. Let all those ninnies go to trunk or treat! More candy for me & my kiddos!

(And yes...I always bring up those same 2 cases of candy poisoning- but people would much rather believe that the sweet ol' lady down the street wants to give them spiked cider and razors in their candied apples!)

Lots of Halloween Love to you and yours!
~Danae aka The Crafty Chick