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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Tuesday Ta Da!

Today, I worked on cleaning the playroom. Now that doesn't sound like much, except if you realize that we haven't actually had a playroom since we moved here. Everything that didn't have a home before ended up in there!! So, it's corner to corner, up to my elbows boxes full of STUFF. All kinds of stuff.

So Dean hauled off about 100lbs or so of miscellaneous stuff to the Salvation Army. Another 20 or so lbs went into the dumpster. 3 garbage bags of clothes were set aside for other types of donation, and 35 books went up on my paperback swap page, of which I sent out about 15 today alone!

Plus, Dean cleaned up the backyard and set up a pool for the kiddos, so pics of that soon. He got some cool fake grass rug stuff, and put the pool on that. It's pretty nice. And, we went out to a nice dinner ;)

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katlcaritz said...

I checked out your blog after getting my Kids Craft Weekly e-mail, and I'm loving the "Ta Da list" idea. I'm starting one today! I love your son's "all my own stunts shirt"...my daughter just might need one of those as well, if not for the humor at least as a warning to future babysitters!