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Sunday, May 27, 2007

My Sunday Ta Da List ;)

I have had it with To Do Lists, in general they just cause me more stress! If I don't get it all done, they roll over to the next day, making me stressed out at night at all the things I have to do the next day too!!

So, unless something is super time sensitive, I am not going to have a to do list anymore, but on occasion will post a Ta Da List.

What is a Ta Da list?

TA DA! Look at what I got accomplished today!! Pat myself on the back, instead of stressing about what I didn't do, I can congratulate myself on what I did do!

Without further adu, today I :

  1. Washed, Dried, Folded and Put away three loads of laundry
  2. Sorted my kids dressers and set aside two garbage bags of clothes for the LLL yard sale
  3. Cleaned off my kitchen counters
  4. Loaded and ran my dishwasher
  5. Took out all my trash, and washed the garbage can
  6. Swish and Swiped my bathroom, and swept up after the cat Bleh
  7. Rolled enough cat hair off my couch to make another cat!
  8. Finally got Danielle excited about the concept of the House Fairy I signed up a month ago, she's watched the videos a bunch of times, but never expressed an interest until today. It was the video about the House Fairy visiting Shrek, Fiona and the triplets that got her hooked, LOL!!
  9. Printed play money and set up a system for Danielle to be able to save her responsibilty chart $$ for larger items (and no she doesn't get a consultants discounts on the books she wants from UBAH :) )
  10. And, I actually went and took a nap when Dean came home and asked if I wanted to. Normally I would have said no, and then spent the whole night exhausted, and unhappy. Now I have had a nice nap, and feel much better!

So, keep an eye out for more Ta Da lists from me ;) And check out the House Fairy if you are looking for ways to motivate your little one to clean up their rooms! It's SUPER cute, but you have to be a family that believes in Santa Claus....

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