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Sunday, June 03, 2007

Saturdays Ta Da, and other things ;)

On Saturday I

  1. Did 5 loads of laundry (Jack was sick on Friday, and made a LOT of laundry, LOL)
  2. Swept and mopped the kitchen and dining room
  3. Washed down the dining room table and the chairs
  4. Cleaned off my desk, and the kitchen counters
  5. Mailed out a stack of books for Paperback Swap and got a few back in, including some Magic Tree House books that I am looking forward to reading with Danielle ;)
  6. And I made dinner! Nothing out of a box, all from scratch, I made steak kabobs and brocolli and rice muffins ;) Dean and I liked it, the kiddos, well they ate the meat and wouldn't touch the muffins LOL!

On Friday we went to see the Nemo Dream Mobile it was at the mall close to here. It was fun, maybe more for me then the kids. The noise was too loud for Danielle, but she finally warmed up to it. The best part? I got to talk to Crush!! I missed it the last two times we were at DL, and DCA, but I really wanted to see how Turtle Talk with Crush worked you know? So, when Crush asked if there were any questions, I raised my hand!! Here is the transcript, as I remember it, LOL!

Crush: Oh, Captian, there is an Adult type dude in the back in a sleevless shirt with a fin up. What's your Name?

Me: Beckie

Crush: Okay, Good to meet you Bodacious Beckie! What is your inquiry?

Me: I was just wondering if you had any Parenting advise?

Crush: Oh, how many offspring do you have?

Me: 3

Crush: So you have like another what, 62, 63 on the beach waiting to make it to the big waves? I personally have 64 offspring, and sometimes they ask me questions that I like don't know the answers to. And the best thing I can say is when you know, I'll know, ya know? I mean, that's all you can do

End of conversation. It was cute. Danielle was amazed that I talked to Crush. So, my observations on how it works (don't read if you don't want to spoil the magic). There obviously a Crush Handler (for lack of a better word) in the sub, behind the screen. He can see out through a small black porthole above the screen, but his color perception is bad because he guessed many outfit colors wrong. He provided the conversation for Crush's end, and he somehow has control over how Crush moves as well, because one child asked Crush how many backflips he could do, and Crush proceeded to do a backflip ;)

Pictures to come soon ;)

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