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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I feel bad for neglecting my blog..

I want to blog, I really, really do. But I find myself frittering away the hours on Tumblr instead of getting serious and writing on my blog. Because that's kinda how it seems, it seems like seriousness here, and it's all silliness there. Tumblr, IMHO, seems to be made up of two kinds of people, Hipsters (who shall not be mentioned on here again) and FanGirls/FanBoys, who all geek out on their favorite stuff just like I do. Not that we all share the same fandoms, mind you, but there something there for everyone, if you can get past the fact that it is very likely that most of your followers were born after your graduated from high school.. 
So I thought I would inject some of the silliness of Tumblr here to my blog. So here is a quick tutorial on fandoms, shippers and OTPs. 
A Fandom is something you are into, I am mostly into TV Show fandoms, for example:

I am heavily invested in the Supernatural Fandom. 


And of course, Doctor Who :)

There are many, many others, but these are my top three. Now that you know what fandom you are interested in, next you need to learn about shipping. 

Shipping is shortened from relationship. As in, I wish those characters were in a relationship, or I see signs of a deeper relationship than the dialogue seems to show. 

It's pretty open for people to ship pairs or combinations of characters from a show, or among more than one show. Some examples:

Batman and Catwoman

The Doctor and his latest companion. 

Not all ships are hetrosexual, even if the characters appear to be so. Not all ships are human to human (such as The Doctor and Clara, Time Lord/Human relationship)

JohnLock from the BBC series Sherlock

There is even a small but vocal group that ship Dean and Baby (his Impala)

So you have your fandom, and you have started shipping couples left and right. What you need to do now is find your OTP!

Your OTP is your One True Pairing. This is the relationship that ship above all others. The one that you see in all the shows subtext and the one that you talk about enough to drive your non-fandom friends crazy. 

I have two OTPs. 

Dean and Castiel from Supernatural


Jayne and River from Firefly :)

And most ships have cutsie names, like Destiel (Dean + Castiel), Megstiel (Meg + Castiel), Samifer (Sam + Lucifer).. All too adorbs. 

There is a quick lesson on fandom, shipping and OTPs ;) Hope you enjoyed it! Feel free to leave a comment and tell me about your fandoms and who you ship!

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