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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Be it ever so humble..

There's no place like homeschool :P Just wanted to share a few pics of our homeschool area, which also serves as our dining room :P

Here is a view of the back wall, with our school motto on the wall. The blue basket is our library book bin, it's a bit thin at the moment, usually they don't all fit. But it's the only way I can keep track of the 50+ library books the kids usually have out at a time! Above the air purifier is my Weekly Goal Planner for my personal goals, I really need to hang it up :) DD re-purposed a tissue box for a paint brush holder, and is in the process of transforming that Cheerios box into trading cards for her collectible card game. 

This is my usual seat, where I can reach the black drawers under the globe where we keep all our daily supplies. I also keep a recycling box next to the shelves. Notice more of DD's art projects on the table *eyeroll*

This is our curriculum cabinet. (ignore my book shelf to the side, it's a mess!) We also have a supply cabinet, but it's in the kitchen :P 

Well, I guess that's it, Blog Hoppers! Not super exciting I know, but it works for us :) 

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