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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

If you have an Xbox Kinect and kids

Then you should be playing in the Kinect Labs! So far there are only a few games, but so far they have all been hits with the kids. Here is a video of them playing Air Band..

YouTube Video

Notice it's actually them, not their avatars. Plus they can choose types of music and which instruments to play! I total recommend it for fun active play..

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Tiffiny said...


april shawhan said...

Awesome! weve been playing with this too! --> also, have you checked out the indie/educational games on live?? weve bought a couple of them (cheaply) and used them for homeschool.. my fav one is Air Forte, even i play it.. it has parts of speech, geography, and math facts :)
--->april, from Differently Schooled