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Thursday, July 28, 2011

2011-2012 Curriculum Choices

I will have to come back and update this as more pieces fall into place. But I will get it started for others who may be blog cruising to find out what kinds of fun stuff other homeschoolers are using. You do that, right? It's not just me?

Danielle, 4th Grade

Language Arts/Social Studies ~ This year we are continuing with Moving Beyond the Page, 7-9. Danielle was very successful with it last year, and enjoyed it very much. We are also using GUM, Grammar, Usage and Mechanics for grammar this year, I just didn't have the $$ to pay for Growing with Grammar again this year.  

Science ~ Real Science Odyssey, Chemistry Level 1. Last year we finished the Life Science and the Earth and Space books from the same series. Danielle and I both really enjoyed the work, there was exactly the right amount of reading, plus LOTS of a great hands on experiences for her. I just hope that there are a few Level 2 books for us to move on to when the time comes, right now it seems they only have Biology and even that is listed as Coming Soon :(  I am going to try to slow us down a bit on Science this year, as we went through two years worth of lessons last year. 

Math ~ Harcourt Math 4th Grade, again state standard math, it works for us!

Plus I am adding California History, as 4th grade is traditionally when we do that. We are using California Early History/Grade 4, and it looks like it will be fun!

Jack, Kindergarten

Language Arts ~ Jack is going to be using Sing, Spell, Read and Write : Kindergarten Level 1 Combo Kit plus Get Ready for the Code - Book a.

Science, math and Social Studies are state standard, and exactly the same books Danielle used when she was in Kindergarten! 

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