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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Room for two

I'll admit it. I've neglected Jack-Jack's aspects of formal schooling, in favor of a laser like focus on his speech therapy. So while at the same age Danielle was busily learning her ABC's, 123's and such, Jack-Jack has been practicing how to move his mouth, teeth and tongue to form th sounds and to say I instead of Me in sentences.

But he's starting to show an interest in more formal learning, mostly taking the form of workbooks.

Here he is happily working away on a math book. He chooses the pages he wants to do and how to do them.

Here is Danielle watching a video about Venus.

Thing is, we need to get used three at the table for lessons! Thankfully we have a table that's almost big enough, lol!!

I think I'm going to build a removable side desk, where I can keep my things I need for lessons off the table top, that's precious real estate. So everyone has enough room for their work space.

Over the summer Danielle will be finishing up her 3rd grade work, and prepping for 4th grade. Jack-Jack will be cramming some preschool work to prepare for starting Kindergarten!

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