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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Doesn't seem like much really, I know lots of families spend way more then that on curriculum for their kids. That's just for one student, Danielle. Jack is going to use the same curriculum that Danielle did for Kindergarten, Sing, Spell, Read and Write, let's hope he likes it as much as she did.

But to keep Danielle in the curriculum to which she is accustomed, it's going to be $360 out of pocket. $360 that I don't have, and I am gonna have to find somewhere. She has been so successful this past year, I want to stay with the same programs, too bad the State of California isn't interested in paying for it, with some of those tax dollars we pay into an educational system that we only dip our toes into.

Moving Beyond the Page has worked out very well for her, and now that they offer their texts online that saves a bit of $$, but still the program is expensive. It has proved to be worth it this past year, as she has offered significantly less resistance to completing lessons.

REAL Science, both the LIFE and the EARTH AND SPACE books have been fantastic this past year. The lessons are exactly the right length with great hands on labs. Not only has she enjoyed the lessons, I have enjoyed teaching them, which as we all know is often an difficult balance to find.

Growing with Grammar has also worked so well for us. Danielle was actually hugging the book, and she told me "I LOVE grammar!" How often does that happen??

So, in the end, come August either I will have found the $$ to get our dream set up, or I won't have and we start the year with standard state of California books. I guess either way, 4th grade is gonna start, if I am ready or not.


Mica said...

LOL @ "I LOVE grammar!" That's like when my 4yo step-son announced how much he liked tofu!

Have you considered a yard sale or selling some extras on eBay or Amazon to help raise funds?

Spooky said...

Yep, Mica, I have been thinking of all sorts of options. I am thinking probably a yard sale is the best way to start :)