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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Wow, has it been a whole year already?

I guess it has, because kiddos it's that time of year again, yes, it's Banned Book Week! The week when rational people all over give a collective facepalm, and shake their heads at the antics of a few outspoken people who want to control what other people can read.

Here is an awesome video that shows just a few of the books that a vocal minority feel that you, I and our children need to be protected from...

As I have said, again and again, please feel free to control and censor what YOU and YOUR children, read, see, hear, learn and are exposed to. While I may not agree with your choices, I will fight my hardest your right to make those choices. BUT when your choices start to move into the area of controlling what me and MY children can read, see, hear, learn or are exposed to, then I am going to fight just as hard to see you STOPPED. In the end, it is each parents responsiblity to make choices for their own children, if you don't want your child to read And Tango Makes Three that's fine, don't let them read it. But make it YOUR job to ensure that happens, not your child's teacher, librarian or principal, cause you know what? IT'S NOT THEIR JOB!!

So you make decisions for yourself, and your children, and I'll make decisions for me and my children, and hopefully we'll live happily ever after, k?

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Tiffiny said...

Preaching to the choir.