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Friday, April 09, 2010

Newly diagnosed Jack-Jack

Well, the news from the allergist wasn't what I wanted to hear but confirmed my sneaking suspicions. Jack-Jack is allergic to a long list of trees and grasses, dogs, cats and wheat, eggs and dairy. Frak me runnin!

So today I made a foray out to Whole Foods to get him some foods that don't contain one of the three most common frakin ingredients! It was a long, and expensive trip, yeilding enough food to keep him going over the weekend, I hope. I will be making a run to Trader Joes soon and hopefully can bolster up the meager supplies some.

Any comments or suggestions from my dear readers would be appreciated. I am overwhelmed and at a loss. I just want him to feel better damn it, why does it have to be so hard....

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Spooky said...

Hi, I had noticed a comment you had made on domestic witch's blog. and jumped on your blog to see about telling you that if you need help finding wheat free, egg free, dairy free, recipes and such, I run the natural foods department of my grocery store. When i took the position I took an interest in this group of mothers who have children with celiac disease. Their kids can't have any wheat and most cant have eggs or dairy. So I started seeking out products and recipes to help them. On top of that I have a lot of free time so if you need help finding anything. I know a lot of wheat free stuff isn't that tasty for little ones so my goal was to seek out things that their kids would like. well, I guess thats enough rambling :) have a nice day.

Spooky said...

Hey there,

First I wanted to say thanks for following my blog! Second, I have a little one who is on a mostly GFCF diet and finding gluten and dairy free foods that she likes is incredibly difficult. On my blog there is a post about the GFCF diet with a few links that might be helpful. One recomendation I have is the Ian's brand of frozen foods, they are gluten and dairy free and my kiddo loves them. They carry them at Whole Foods, Central Market, H-E-B, Target, and occaisionally Wal-mart. Good luck with this new avenue in your life!