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Saturday, April 10, 2010

First successful recipe makeover!

My kids wax poetic about my yummy smoothies. They love them, and they suck them down. Part of the reason, I don't try to cram a bunch of "healthy" stuff in there, like fish oil, or spinach. I usually just make them with yogurt, fiber powder (okay, it's healthy but has no taste), juice, and frozen whole fruit. So, I gave the smoothie recipe a makeover..

1 container soy yogurt (flavor to be determined by fruit choices)
2 handfuls of frozen whole fruit (I used strawberries and mangoes)
fiber powder
enough enriched vanilla soy milk to make it smooth

Blend, serve, enjoy!

The kids didn't even seem to notice the difference, and enjoyed not one but two cups each! I was concerned that the addition of soy ingredients might make a flavor difference, but no one complained ;)


Spooky said...

Sounds good to me. What kind of fiber powder do you use? Our smoothies are fruit juice (usually a mix of orange and mango) some vanilla yogurt and frozen strawberries, pineapple and blueberries. When I was out of juice one day we tried it with milk and it just wasn't the same.

Spooky said...

You'd be surprised how easily spinach is hidden in there. My kids never notice if it's a "dark" smoothie like blueberry. Really, as long as you don't use too much, it's not noticeable!

Spooky said...

This time I used


But I have just just plain benefiber as well :)

Spooky said...

Beckie your smoothies sound yummy. You should give spinach a whirl though, you hardly taste it. :) and the added benefits are wonderful.

Spooky said...

I'll pass this along to PL - who is newly dairy-free and missing his old treats. Thanks! It's sounds yummy.

Spooky said...

Thanks for the delicious inspiration - I have a lb. of strawberries and couldn't think of something different!