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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Little homeschool helpers :)

Hmmm, This had words when I first hit sent, LMAO!!

So, I homeschool on the world's smallest table. It's a baby two seater, with barely enough room for 2! I dream of one day having a HUGE table, with plenty of room, and the top is paint, milk and scratch resistant!

This is how it usually looks, covered with stuff, my paperwork on one side with my coffee and Danielle's work on the other, with us constantly jockeying for space.

Worse yet, when I have to pull out a teachers manual! It's huge, and difficult to keep little eyes from checking out a few answers while I am reading from it. It's a huge pain!

In comes the BookZup! It is the thing that I never knew I needed till I found it at GW School Supply :)

It's a lifesaver!! I keeps my teachers manuals away from prying eyes, and it cuts down on how much precious real estate it takes up on the table top. Plus, when I am done with it, it folds down flat and stores neatly in the cupboard between my teachers manuals :)

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In the interest of full disclosure, I did not receive anything in exchange for this review. I bought the product, liked it, and wanted to share it with my peeps :) 

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Spooky said...

Hey since that doesn't look like it's gonna last, I use a recipe holder (you know the ones that hold a cookbook at an angle with a clear cover?) for stuff like that and my daily calendar. Just a thought... ;)