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Monday, January 04, 2010

To continue my march into a better 2010..

Today I decided it was time to get some of those little projects done around the house that I have been putting off, since, ummm... well, we moved in here, LOL!

In the move, one of my semi-famous homeschool cabinets got knocked off kilter. It wasn't broken per say, just needed the back to be removed and re-nailed and the bottom to be repaired. One of our kitchen cabinet doors has been hanging loosely on the hinge for a while and 2 of Danielle's drawers from under her bed have been needing repair as well. So in a flurry of glue, nails and stress, I fixed EVERYTHING before lunch today :)

I now have a working cabinet for my overflow homeschool supplies. Danielle has drawers under her bed for her dolls and toys that she wants to keep brother out of. And the cabinet door in the kitchen is no longer in danger of falling off (I think.. I might need to revisit that one later with longer screws)

Plus, we got all our normal daily activities and responsibilities done today too :) It is absolutely amazing how much I got done just by closing my laptop, LMAO!!


Spooky said...

Oh! So I have to shut off the laptop! I've been wondering why I never get things done. ;)

Spooky said...

Wow! I seriously need to have you (and your glue gun) over for a visit soon!