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Friday, January 01, 2010

It's the first day of Twenty-Ten..

And yes, that is how I will be saying it for the year. None of this Two Thousand-Ten business for me :)

So where is my flying car? Oh yeah, we can barely navigate our vehicles with only 4 directions to chose from (forward, backwards, left and right), imagine if we added a few more? Car insurance rates would skyrocket!!

Okay then, where is my jetpack? Ah, right, see above argument...

Any monoliths on Jupiter? Not that I have seen on the news or Coast to Coast AM lately. So I am guessing no stations on the moon, and the Leonov will not be taking off any time soon for a rescue mission?

So far, 2010 is not shaping up the way I had been led to believe it would..

Fret not, I am sure that there will be things in 2010 that we will look back on in 2011 and say WOW! Who woulda thunk that?

I am looking forward to all sorts of things. But I am not making resolutions. They seem like a waste of time, since I rarely keep them. Last year I made a resolution not to beat my self up over not keeping my resolutions, but I didn't do a very good job of it. My fellow blogger Summer had some good ideas...

1. I will make at least $10 in freelance writing in 2010.
2. I will make 1 meal from scratch in 2010.
3. I will have one happy, non-stressful, fun day with the kids in 2010.
4. I will dance around the living room at least once in 2010.
5. I will read 5 books in 2010.

Well, I am thinking I can agree with 4 of those, I am not so sure about #1, as that's not really one of my goals in life, KWIM? LOL!!

Anywho, I guess one thing I want to try to do is do a better job of keeping up this blog, LOL! And my other blog, Gist Academy for Gifted Youngsters. I don't want to lose my readers :) So look forward to more posts, and hopefully ones you will want to read and share with your friends!

Happy New Year, from Spookygirl!


Spooky said...

Twenty-ten all the way!!!! I didn't realize there was any debate about that until today when twitter and bloggers were discussing it - LOL. I have a couple of goals for the new year that I will share next week on my blog, but I'm not one for making lots of resolutions. In fact, i don't even care for the word resolution.

Spooky said...

Happy New year!