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Saturday, October 03, 2009

Kombucha Success!!

We poured the first three bottles of
our first fermenting. Vanilla Honey had turned to a nasty vinager. Ginger Lemon Honey was Yum and Fizzy, made with fresh Ginger slices, lemon zest and honey. And the all around winner raspberry Ginger lemon made with black raspberry jam, slices of ginger and lemon rind with some juice and honey.

We have several more flavors to test, will report results ;)

Posted by ShoZu


Tina said...

ok i'm so out of it. what the heck is kambucha? i never even heard of it til you started posting about it. and i still don't even know what it is, other than a fermented drink!

Tina said...

i guess i just answered my own question, doh! LOL!