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Friday, October 02, 2009

Caramel Apples in 10 minutes!

One of my favorite actvities/snacks in the fall is making caramel apples. They are a borderline healthy snack, and there is more apple then caramel ;) So here is how I like to whip one or two out for an after dinner treat!

Start with the right ingredients:

Caramel wraps are much faster and easier then melting caramels. Plus safer for little hands to help with. I got these wraps at Whole Foods, but you can often find them this time of year near the apples in the produce section.

Fresh unblemished apples! My kids prefer red, and I prefer green and either are tasty. Make sure to wash and dry them well, and remove the stem.

These caramel wrap come individually layered in parchment paper. KEEP THE PAPER!! It is the best thing for resting the apples on and serving them, as the caramel doesn't stick to it as much!

Now, use the caramel wraps to cover the apples. Start at the top, stretching and working the caramel down the sides and around to the bottom. This is not an exact science, and sometimes you get tears or thin spots. Just do the best you can to make them even. Then insert your stick through the top of the apple.

Bake on a cookie sheet on the parchment paper for 5 minutes at 200 degrees to soften up the caramel. Make sure before you warm up the oven that you have the rack set to leave enough room for the sticks! I like to dip the bottoms into sprinkles to keep them from sticking to everything. Also, for kids, I like to cut the apple into wedges, as it's easier then trying to eat it off a stick!

So get out there and whip up your own batch :)


TooManyHats said...

Oh those look yummy. I'll have to look for those wraps - I'm all about easy :)

Domestic Witch said...

Yum-o! Best time for a carmel apple!