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Friday, August 07, 2009

Random silliness... (yes, it's a giveaway!) 2 MORE GOODIES TO GIVE AWAY!!

As I was cleaning up my homeschool cabinets, I found a box full of bits and bobs. I don't know what else to classify them as. They are from The Sampler a while back, and they were the things that didn't get incorporated into my stuff or given as gifts for what ever reason. SO..

The next 8 people who leave me a comment, with their favorite memory of Summer, 2009 AND a valid email address (so I can contact you, DUH!) will get a random thingy in the mail :)

Feel free to tweet, blog or facebook about my giveaway ;)


Tracy B said...

OH! ME, ME, ME! bixychick[at]yahoo[dot]com :)

Recent undefined:=-

Tiffiny Davari said...

Well, my favorite part of summer has been all the free stuff I've won! Also, all the special time with friends. ;) Email...Well, to follow the rules.... tiffiny.davari@gmail.com

Recent blog:=- Happy baby!

Fairiemom said...

I must say that I never thought of doing that...doing a giveaway for all those random extras at the end of the session, but I will now!
My email is - fairiemom78 @ aol. com

Danielle said...

What a cool idea! I'd love to recieve a random "thingy" in the mail from you! LOL