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Friday, March 13, 2009

WiiMom's Blog Swing, Welcome to Jill Berry!

I'm posting here as part of the Blog Swing Post http://fitness.coolmomguide.com/. Frankly, this is a great concept. I hope Cool Mom Guide does it again. It's like fellowship on the 'net. A support group for moms who want to get fit and lose weight.

I'm not what you would call a fitness fanatic. I'm perhaps more like the Phillies Phanatic. So, it would be fair to say that fitness and I have a checkered past.

My fitness journey thus far:

1. In high school, I recall my dad forcing me to play tennis on the weekend. If playing tennis wasn't bad enough, I also wore a bright green warmup suit. Nice!

2. I joined a health club in my 20s. I made it to the finals of a racquetball tournament because one opponent broke her arm and the other one was a no show. Does anyone still play racquetball?

3. I attended Weight Watchers 3 times in my 30s. I once joined with a group from work. I quit after other people at work would question what we were eating and how many points each item was.

4. I gained 50 pounds with each of my three children. I don't have morning sickness. Period.

5. I lost half of the weight gained with each pregnancy. My oldest is now 13...I have a long way to go.

6. With the pregnancy of my third child I needed to purchase new maternity clothes since the old maternity clothes had become my regular attire.

7. My son is 5. I am proud to say that I stopped wearing maternity clothes when he was 2.

8. I joined a health club in my 40s.

After all these missteps and blips in my fitness journey, I found the motivation to lose weight and get fit. What was my motivation? A health club membership.

My husband surprised me with a health club membership two years ago. He thought it was something that I wouldn't purchase for myself. He was right. The first summer I joined a fitness incentive program at the health club. For every 25 visits I earned a small prize: a workout towel, a water bottle, and a gift card to Home Depot. This program was just the motivation I needed to get going.

For the last two years I have worked out twice a week while my son and daughter have swim team practice. I use the elliptical machines, treadmill, and bike. My interest is there, but not as strong as it was. Several times I have read a book during my children's practice rather than workout. I've hit a bump in the fitness road that is not so easily tackled.

Enter the wii... Last summer we purchased a wii as part of our staycation. Our planned trip to England was scrapped due to high costs of travel and hotels. The wii was intended for family use. Well, the kids and my husband absolutely loved it. My daughters played wii Sports and wii Play, while my husband and son played wii NFL Madden. I tried bowling. I tried tennis. I wasn't good at either. I let my family enjoy the games while I did my thing at the health club.

Just after Christmas we were shopping in Costco and found a wii Fit. It was there. It was $79. It was in our shopping cart immediately. About 10 people asked us where we found the wii Fit as we continued shopping. Shopping win!

I love wii Fit. We had fun as a family introducing our mii people to the game. We laughed as our mii people took shape: my husband and I are pear-shaped and my kids look the same. The balance games are fun. Who knew my center of gravity was off kilter. The heading the soccer ball game was difficult for all of us. We all love the ski jump game. My oldest is a champion at the hula hoop. My middle daughter likes all the games.

As I get more comfortable with using the wii Fit, I hope to practice more yoga poses. I would also like to work on my balance issues. I like the accountability of the scale in wii Fit. Scales don't lie. I know I am in a weight range that I need to get out of. I think wii Fit might just be the right tool for me coupled with my health club workouts.

When not wii Fiting and ellipticizing, Jill blogs at www.writingmylifeoneblogatatime.blogspot.com

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