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Monday, March 16, 2009

Ask me why I am wearing black..

Or subtitled, just try and pinch me!

This is a repost from March 17th, 2008, but I wanted to add a link from National Geographic that I found today, that discussed the TRUE history of St. Patrick ;)

Today is the traditional day for people to wear green, drink green beer, and eat corned beef and cabbage. Why? All in celebration of a man named St. Patrick who is said to have driven the snakes out of Ireland.

Problem with this "historical" accounting is, there were no snakes in Ireland at the time (or at ANY TIME in the past!). What St Patrick did, was convert the leaders of the time, including King Loegaire to catholisim, and then systematically began destroying the native religion of the Irish people!! He drove the Druids out of Tara, their historical holy ground! By converting the leaders of the people, he subjected all the Irish people to conversion or persecution! The native religion of the people was forced to go underground or disappear all together! And for this reason we celebrate? We should mourn the loss of another piece of Irish culture and history!!

I am just tired of everyone wearing green, decorating with shamrocks and leprechaun, and not even taking a moment to think about the true history of this holiday. We do tend to do that don't we. The TRUE history of Columbus Day, Thanksgiving, and heck, even Christmas is lost on most people. If it was the other way around, and the Druids had strung St Patrick up by his shamrocks, I am pretty sure we won't be celebrating World Tree Day and all wearing Sun Wheels!

Okay, rant over, and if you see anyone wearing all black today, now you will know why

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Danae @ Crafty's Cuppa Coffee said...

Hey There...I was just stopping by and took a minute to catch up on your blog posts. (I've been busy lately with schoolwork- WHICH I AM SUCCESFULLY AVOIDING RIGHT NOW! LOL) Any who...I LOVE your St. Patty's Day Post. (Sorry I was so late in seeing it! But, better late than never, eh?)I have always felt that this holiday is a big ripp off for us who love our Irish AND our Pagan Ancestry. I also hate the fact that NO ONE knows what the holiday is all about.(Its the same thing with Cinco De Mayo!) Thank you for doing your part to clear that up!

I am a bigtime holiday lover- and i have never been one to 'hate on' other people's good times just because I don't celebrate their holiday(...after all...I am one of those crunchy World Tree lovin', Sun Wheel makin' and bakin' Mamas, and I KNOW that not everyone cares about MY holidays!) So I do my best to zip my lip in public about the origins of this one(unless I think someone might care!). I have found most people could care less about the origins of any holiday...they just want their green beer and chocolate bunnies. But isn't it nice that we get to blog about it?!

Okay...I just realized that it is a quarter to 5 in the morning (!) and I have NO business being awake- let alone trying to make comments that make sense! LOL. I just wanted to say hi! and that I thought your black St. Paddy's Day ROCKS!

LONG LIVE THE SNAKES!!! (hee hee hee)
(Ok, now I am off to bed for about an hour and a half until my rugrats wake me up climbin' the curtains LOL)

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