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Sunday, February 01, 2009

Fun with the Wii ;)

Have I not blogged enough about our new Wii? I tell you what, this thing was the best Christmas present EVAH! The kids love it, and it's a good motivation to get them to do chores and school work. No more bribing with money or candy, just offer then time to play Wii Sports and Mario Kart and they are off and running to get the floor picked up! ;)

This evening I had a great work out on the Wii Fit. I had been taking it easy AKA, not really working out for a while because of a STUPID antibiotic that I was taking that caused some severe pain in my Achilles tendon, and made me wary of injuring it further. But I decided it was time to face my fears and get back on the balance board.

I unlocked a couple of new games tonight, including Rhythm Boxing, TOO MUCH FUN! I LOVE this new game, even if I am not great at it yet, I will be. Plus I beat my own high score by 100pts at Advanced Step which was cool. I did the 6 minute hula hooping as well, and was fairly certain I was going to die, LOL!!

Well, I have to go, I am sure by now Jack had brushed his teeth down to little nubs, so I better go and get him ;0)

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