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Monday, February 02, 2009

Fun with seach terms :)

Here are just a few of this weeks search terms that found us here at Spookiez Spot..

1. fingerless gloves crochet patterns (2 times)
2. http://www.paulsadowski.com/numbers.asp (2 times)
3. pimp name conversion (2 times)
4. "clever kingdom" (1 time)
5. "elgo bay" (1 time)
6. "yo gabba gabba" "shoestring" (1 time)
7. beckie needs (1 time)
8. camera (1 time)
9. crochet cuffs for gloves (1 time)
10. fart beckie (1 time)
11. fingerless gloves pattern crochet (1 time)
12. green poo spots (1 time)
13. green ring around poop in toddler (1 time)
14. list of pimp names (1 time)
15. moon phases lapbooks (1 time)
16. pattern for crocheted fingerless gloves (1 time)
17. simple crochet fingerless glove pattern (1 time)

Happy to say that GREEN POO is still on the list. I am interested in how Fart Beckie came up, but hey, what ever, I am human too ;) It looks like my glove pattern is popular, wonder if anyone has actually made one? Elgo Bay is an interesting one, as I didn't write about Elgo Bay, but my friend Tina had a LOT to say about them on her blog. I can only guess the stars aligned that day and the found me because she was in my blog roll ;0)

Anyways, thanks for taking a moment to look back at funny search terms for Spookiez Spot :)

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