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Friday, February 20, 2009

Congratulations HOPE!

of the wonderful blog Hippie Dippie Bebe! You won my Milkshake Giveaway!! WOOT!!

Hi Beckie, we could use some new kids music!

Right now our fav's are a They Might Be Giants CD for kids produced by Disney (I think it's called "Here Come the One Two Threes") and some music that's not intended for kids but Little D loves to dance to anyway: Nick Drake (Bryter Layter), Neutral Milk Hotel, and the Rushmore Soundrack. He's so cute dancing to the Rushmore soundtrack. Picks up his little legs high and steps around like he's marching super fast!

Hope I win, gonna tweet your contest up on Twitter now. Be well & say hi to Angela (@veggiemom) for me!


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