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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Something I forgot to blog about ;)

Earlier this week, Danielle and I discovered two Tomato Hornwoms feasting on my tomato plant. The general consensius of the family (NOT ME) was to allow them to live out their little lives on another tomato plant, and I had mostly killed anways. By Friday morning, they had STRIPPED it bare. Fearing for my other, producing, tomato plant I asked Dean to "take care of" the Tomato Hornworms on his way out to work, so not to upset the children. So on Saturday when we went out to go to Scouts, Danielle was looking for the hornworms, and couldn't find them. I told her it was for the best that they were gone, because they would kill my tomato plant if they had stayed. And the two tomatoes that were growing would die too. She thought for a moment then said very reverently

Tomatoes are very special Mom, with out tomatoes there would be no ketchup!

Gotta love her priorities, and her deep understanding that only through the sacrifice of innocent Hornworms, can we have the wonderfulness that is ketchup, LOL!!

One of our guests before they met their untimely demise.


Summer said...

Ahh, a very wise girl indeed. :)

Tiffiny said...

Hey, those are the worms we had on display at the library. They started off super small and gross, and grew to be super big and gross. Since they are the kind that we couldn't just release, they too met an untimely demise. I don't know how, and I don't want to, but they are no longer here on display.