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Friday, June 20, 2008

A Day at Wild Water Adventures!

Sadly there are no pictures, we had too much fun to get the camera out of the bag, LOL! Jack even had fun, once he warmed up to the idea. We went with Tiffiny and Seren, and it was very nice to spend the afternoon with them. The wave pool was a hit again this summer, and I look forward to many more afternoons there :0)

Must remember to get there earlier next time, by 1pm there are NO empty chairs left, LOL!


Tiffiny said...

We had fun too! I was super tired by the time I got home. Oh, and my butt was sore from the wave pool. ;)

TX Poppet said...

Becky, I just love your baby sling wearin' avatar!

TX Poppet at Canned Laughter