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Thursday, May 15, 2008

  1. I only like Dark Chocolate (but I have been known to tolerate milk chocolate in extreme emergencies)
  2. I am a HUGE Torchwood Fangirl, and have been known to SQUEE during the show.
  3. I hate watching myself on TV, yet I keep ending up on there (and not on COPS)
  4. I love to read, but find it increasingly difficult to find the time!
  5. I am so addicted to caffeine that if you cut me, I bleed latte.


Christina said...

I only like dark chocolate too. I call myself a chocolate snob, lol. The higher the percentage the better. The recipe sounds yummy, will have to try soon!!

Mommies Working said...

Just stopping by from MommyFest to say hello.

I am also a caffine (coffee) addict. I can't start my day unless, I've had my Java.