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Friday, November 16, 2007

Pissed about Ebay!!

After 10 freaking years on Ebay, I got my first negative feedback! I HATE sellers who hold your feedback hostage until you have left feedback for them. I bought some plastic pumpkins for a party on November 4th. I ordered them on October 21st, with regular shipping, thinking anyone with half a brain would assume I needed them for Halloween and ship accordingly. NOPE! Freaking seller waited till the 27th to ship them, and they used a crappy, broken up, dirty box to ship them to me. So I left neutral feedback, As described, slow shipping, and poorly packaged. They left me negative, saying that it was my fault because I chose the slowest shipping. UMMM, hello! The only part of the transaction that they should leave for a buyer, is about the buyers holding up their end of the deal. I paid immediately, then when they sent me another invoice with a higher shipping amount, I even paid that. So, basically, it was retaliatory feedback. I really think that should NOT be allowed!! I was a model buyer, doing my part in a timely manner. They were the ones who failed to do their part. They did ship slowly, and they used terrible packaging.

Anyways, just very upset about the whole thing :( hopefully it won't effect my future ebay dealings.

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