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Monday, August 27, 2007

Lapbooking, Ay, Ay, Captain!

Some time ago the company Hands of A Child gave me one of their project packs to review on my blog, and I admit, I have been laxed in doing this project with Danielle, but fear not, we did it last week and here's my thoughts.

The project pack we did was Ahoy Matey! and I did purchase the additional Kit Pack, just to save me the hassle of photocopying the templates, but that is by no means necessary! I send the PDF file I was provided with to Kinko's directly from my Adobe program, and swung by and picked it up all printed and ready to go about a day later.

This is the second lapbook we have completed from Hands of a Child, and it was a fun experience for both of us! Danielle really enjoys learning the lessons and completing the pieces of her lapbook, and more then that, she LOVES to look at the final product and remember all the things she learned. Now, hers may not look just like the sample pictures, but she's oh so proud of it anyhow!

I did think the actually educational value of this particular one was lacking, but that maybe because our last lapbook was on plants, and was so stuffed full of facts it was hard to get them all in! This was more of a just for fun one, so it didn't need to have a lot of information, but a little more would have been nice. Also, I found that some of the instructions were a bit lacking, making mommy look silly because she couldn't figure out exactly how things were supposed to go together. But I am sure in the hands of a more experienced lapbook maker, it wouldn't have been an issue.

Danielle very much enjoys lapbooking, and I hope to be able to find ways to compete more of them during the "regular" school year. If not, it will still be a welcome fun project for summers and weekends!!

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