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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

News first, then a vent...

They scheduled me for my induction on Monday. There is no room in the hospital at all for Thursday or Friday! I guess I could labor in the hall, but not really how I wanted this to work, so I am going in Monday at 5am for my induction, if I don't go on my own before that. But, hearing how full the hospital is, not sure I want to go on my own before then, LOL!!!!

But I have to say, I am pretty pissed off at my OB's office at the moment. I was told that someone would call me with my induction appointment this morning, and if I hadn't heard anything to call this afternoon. Well, my parents, wanting to be prepared went ahead and came down here to be ready to take Danielle tonight in preparation for the induction I was supposed to have tomorrow morning. So, I waited and called at noonish, got the voicemail, okay, no problem closed for lunch right?? So, I call at 1, 1:30, 2, 2:15, on and on until, get this 3:15!!! They were on the voicemail for over 3 hours for lunch!! I know their office is not closed that long, because I usually have my appointments at 1:45ish, and they are open then. I am sooo pissed, that I am just hanging by the phone to plan my life, and they are on voicemail!!! I was getting ready to drive over there to get some answers.

When I finally did get a hold of them, they were very apologetic, about not being able to get me in this week, and all, so I decided not to yell about the voicemail thing, but boy, you didn't want to be around me from noon to 3 today, I was one unhappy camper.

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amygeekgrl said...

damn, what a PITA that was! glad it's straightened out.
hope you go on your own before monday so you don't have to deal w/ the induction, but either way ~~~peaceful labor vibes~~~ to you.