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Friday, November 25, 2005

Survived Thanksgiving...

Managed to survive the drive (only 30+ miles one way, not too bad), not eat so much that I felt sick, and not get too stressed out :) I am pretty proud of me. Course I didn't have to cook at all, and everyone was trying to get me stuff, so realistically, there wasn't much to stress about except for the scary, dangerous stuff in MIL's playroom. But we had the kidlets take the toys out of the playroom, and play in the living room, so that solved that problem. I had ham, potatoes, gravy, and salad for dinner, all that was missing was green beans. I was telling Danielle all day I wanted some green beans, guess I should have told me MIL who was making dinner, LOL!!

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Tiffiny said...

Hey being pregnant comes in handy for something...people wait on you!! :) Glad your day was good. I just posted about mine.

I need messenger...I wanna talk to you!