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Thursday, November 24, 2005

Diaper bags revisited...

I am sure you all remember me bitching about not being able to find a diaper bag I liked. Well, DH went out and bought me this one last night (sorry for the drawing, but my camera is dead)

It's nice, and I am please with it, but I want to get another one, just as a spare, ya know? So I found this seller on E-bay!!

Super Cool bags!!

Now I have too many choices! LOL! I love the Captian Jack Sparrow one, and the Joaquin Phoenix one, and the Spike one, LOL! How do I just buy one? LOL!

1 comment:

Sally said...

Hehe, so many choice. I personally already own 4 diaper bags and it's pretty much like handbag shopping exclusively for moms. I love it!