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Wednesday, November 02, 2005

I guess I shouldn't complain...

All in all, I am doing okay. I still have the luxury of sleeping on my tummy (yeah, I know, weird!!), I can roll over with out shooting pains anymore. Mostly I am sleeping okay, though I am waking up too early, to use the restroom, and then the nausea hits, and I am pretty much up for the day after that. My hip is bothering me, but so far, so good, I can still walk! I have occasional lower back pain, but totally expected at this point right? My weight gain has been good, not too much this time, WHOOHOO! Jack is healthy and growing well. I am happy that he has dropped now, though I don't relish the sharp pains in my groin area, I am very much enjoying the ability to breath!

I went to this great place yesterday, Mommy Matters, and picked up a ton of ginger stuff, ginger drinks, ginger tea, ginger candy (I LOVE GINGER!!), and that seems to have helped with the nausea, yeah! Can you have too much ginger? I hope not, cause I really do like it ;)

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