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Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wednesday Update...

Well, I am tired, I had to get up today and take Danielle to the dr's office. She is getting her shots, and she is soo strung by the time we get into the office, it's WWF trying to get her to hold still while Dr Kratzer checks her ears! She got one shot and the flu mist thingy. I figured that it's better for all of us to get the flu shot, then to risk Jack getting the flu. It was a hard decision, and I am still not totally positive it was the right one, but I trust Dr K, and he recommended it as well as Mary, the NP we normally see.

I had my first appointment with the doula this evening too. I like her :) She is working on getting certified, and has to do a certian number of births in order to get her certificate. I think she's going to work out well, she had a rough first birth experience too, and totally understands the anxiety. She is putting together a list of things I can do to help prevent an induction this time around. Dean seems to like her okay, and she was even good with Danielle ;)


Cath said...

We normally have flu shots too, they suck don't they!

amygeekgrl said...

Vaxes are always such a tough call. I think it's a good to protect the newbie on the way though. :)
Glad that you like your doula. I'm DEFINITELY having a doula if/when we have baby #2. Wish I would've had one for Ava's birth.
Thanks about my haircut. :) We'll see how it looks when I style it on my own. ;)