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Sunday, September 25, 2005

Sunday again, and nothing to do..

and nothing getting done :( I should be cleaning house, I should be making a To Do list for before Baby Jack gets here, I should be doing something, but alas, I am sitting in front of my computer again. Danielle is sick, so she is lazing on the couch watching The Great Mouse Detective. Her nose is so stuffy poor thing. Dean is sleeping and basically, there is nothing fun to do, only work, so I chose for the moment not to do it ;)

I have bunches of things to do before Jack is born, and I feel I am not getting any of it done. Everytime I take a step forward, it gets buried under all the mess around here.

At least I can rest easy, we bought a package of diapers last night, so if he were to be born tomorrow, we would survive, we have boobs, diapers, clothes and a car seat :) anything else, we can send a Grandma to the store for!

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