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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Sometimes I say something so profound...

I feel the need to quote myself. Thankfully for my adoring audience, it don't happen very often ;)
On a message board, while discussing Nursing in Public or NIP:

I wonder how many Pro-NIP/Anti-NIP arguments there would be if people would
exercise their basic right to look away, as often as they excercise their
right to complain?

Of course I realize that doesn't take into account teenage boys, and leacherous men who lack the ability to look away from a woman's breast, no matter what the breast was engaged in at the moment. They would stare at a woman getting a mamogram! But, I for one, refuse to cover up or feel a moments guilt, and instead believe that they should be the ones feeling guilty for looking. No, this comment was specifically directed at fellow woman, some pregnant, and some already nursing. And therefore, these women should have the ability to just look away! It takes much more work to sit down at a computer and bitch about having seen a flash of boob at the mall, then it does to find a cute pair of shoes to be interested in....

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Tiffiny said...

You said it!