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Wednesday, September 28, 2005

The Indescreet Breasfeeder's Manifesto

The Indescreet Breasfeeder's Manifesto

This is a great article!! I especially like this part

Indiscreet Breastfeeding Manifesto

*I will nurse my child anytime,
anywhere, no matter who is present or what I am wearing.
*I will bare my
breast with pride and confidence.
*I will not apologize for nourishing and
nurturing my child.
*I will not smother my child with a napkin or blanket.
*I will smile at everyone around me and ignore rude stares.
*I will know
that I am giving my child the perfect infant food from the most efficient,
ecological, and economical delivery system.
*I will know that I am giving my
child the healthy start that is his or her birthright.
*I will set an
example for women and girls, educate the public, dispel breastfeeding myths,
desexualize the breast, and make the world a better place, all through the
simple act of feeding my child.

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amygeekgrl said...

that is awesome! love it! now if only i could do it.