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Friday, September 30, 2005

I am having an online party for Clever Kingdom!

~*~*~Please read my experiences with Clever Kingdom here~*~*~

If you haven't seen this company yet, you have to check it out! You basically design your own children's clothes!! First you choose the style you want, and they have everything from newborn to adult sizes, dresses, shirts, pants and more! Then you choose what color you want it to be, and then you can choose a graphic from their exclusive collection or a saying, like Loved, or I'm Three, or one of their other stock sayings, or even write your own!!

I can't tell you how cute these clothes are, and how much freedom of expression they offer ;)

So, please join my Yahoo group, it's especially for this online party, and the distributer is available to answer questions, there are pictures of the clothes on actual kids, and more! And when the party is over, you will not get any more mail, because we will delete the group! Easy as that!

Let me know if you have any questions, please come and check it out, you'll find something you like!!

Yahoo Party Room!

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