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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Hanging my head in shame...

Hi, my name is Beckie, and .... (choking back a sob) I didn't like the Directors Cut of Legend!! There I admitted it. That's a hard thing to say about a Ridley Scott movie, which usually have such interesting parts sacrificed for the sake of theater running times and revenues. But I have to say, the original release was much, much better in this case. The music, for one thing. People argue that a great score was cut from it, and another was added, by Tangerine Dream, a little known 80's band, to make it more poppy for a younger audience. Well, I heard the original last night, and please give me the poppy version! The seduction of Lily was dulled by the new music, not made immediate and disturbing, as it was in the original. Also, what is with the "Princess Lily"? Does it need to be said everytime we say her name?? It could have easily been established at the beginning that she was a princess, and then leave it at that, but nooooo, we have to say Princess Lily every single time we say her name!! Like Frau Blucher, in Young Frankenstein, even the horses get annoying after a while..

Worst of all, the cut scenes, really added nothing to the over all story. The information we were missing in the original, was still missing in the directors cut. Questions really weren't answered, nor were any new ones posed. It just seemed like a waste of an extra what? 40 minutes?

That being said, the Director's Cut of Blade Runner, with out the voice over, is the GOD of DVDS! Go now and buy many copies for your friends and family!!!

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