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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Dvd's and their links to the past...

I just a giggle moment. I was watching this movie

and saw an old boyfriend of mine. See, he and I dated a bit while I was in high school. Infact, he took me to my Jr Prom, course I was the only girl there with a date old enough to drink, LOL! I was 16 and he was 21, and back then it didn't occur to me that that was a bad thing. He was a friend of my aunts, and mostly my parents trusted me, so they trusted him. He and I spent many a weekend at The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and hanging out at Dennys. It was a good time, since I was still a good girl then, and he didn't seem to mind ;)

He told us all his was going to be in this movie, long after he and I had gone to being just friends. He was soo excited about it, but very hush, hush about what he actually did in the movie. From the title, I originally thought it was a period piece, and boy was it! From the polyster shirts to the platform shoes, it was 100% 70's kitch!

So today by the magic of DVD, I was finally able to find him. He's an extra, during a dance competition! You barely see his head over the front row, when David Cassidy swoops in to save the girl. I only recogized him from his James Dean hair cut, which he always wore, as he did truely have a striking resemblence to James Dean.

Anyways, fond memories, of milk shakes and lingerie nights, and running the streets of Berkeley with no fear of foul play or worse. Of a time when you could go to Denny's in your prom dress and bare feet, and your date wore a tux and a leather jacket. Ah, good times...

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