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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Instant Messaging Away Messages

Used to be I would spend long periods of time coming up with good away messages for my IM programs. So much so, that I had a bit of a following, of people who would message when they knew I was away to get my new message.

I have become laxed, and haven't had an original away message in some time. I think I will work on that today. So, if you want to see if I was sucessful, feel free to message me at

beckie_s @ Yahoo
beckie1 @ hotmail.com for MSN
or CASpookygirl @ AOL/AIM

And don't bother to ask if I cyber or anything stupid like that, it will just get you added to my already huge ignore list...


Tiffiny said...

When we re-did my computer, I got rid of Yahoo instant messenger. Boy, you have tons of IM accounts. You must have a lot of friends! :)

Ready for Friday!!?

Tiffiny said...

I spelt that wrong, but who cares, I only work in a library with a dictionary within arms reach!!

Beckie said...

Oh I am so ready for Friday! You still want to go to lunch afterwards? I will e-mail you, incase you don't check my comments section, LOL!!!!

Not that I have a lot of friends, they just can't agree on what form of instant messaging to use! LOL!